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All of our bowls are made with organic açaí and dragon fruit!  We use high quality ingredients like organic hemp granola and local honey on every bowl!  Our blenders(smoothies) are made with fresh frozen fruit, fruit juice or nut milks, and veggies!  We keep things simple, yet so delicious! Click on the menu item for full nutritional info.

Why Is Açaí So Amazing?

The LowDown

Açaí is wonderfully delicious and nutritious. The skin of the berry is enriched with the highest concentration of antioxidants than any other known fruit in the world! It has 16 types of antioxidant compounds, compared to 5 in blueberries. These life-enhancing antioxidants and omegas protect against free radicals and promote overall health, increased energy, and vitality.


The açaí berry has a very unique flavor. It can be described as complemented by a natural hint of dark chocolate.  It’s served cold and refreshing, eat it with a spoon!



For hundreds of years Brazilian natives have consumed açaí as source superior nutrition. Açaí is a sustainable harvest that promotes the preservation of the rainforest and contributes to positive economic growth in the Amazon.